Read More So because coronavirus is going to be around with us conceivably forever as there’s already community spread all over the United States, there’s no reason Biden should ever come out of his bunker and thus will we will have a Schrödinger‘s president. We will never be sure whether or not he is actually alive or has already been killed by coronavirus and replaced by a DNC-deep fake AI and that will just be the way that Biden/DNC AI Biden runs his presidency throughout his whole term. I’m not trolling btw I just think it’s a hilarious idea, and it is completely possible. submittedRead More →

Read More ​ Petition link: Full statement: submitted by /u/LisaforMaine [link] [comments] ​ Petition link: Full statement: submitted by /u/LisaforMaine [link] [comments]Read MoreRead More →

Read More In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the subsequent state of emergency declaration by Governor Ralph Northam, we are temporarily suspending in-person petitioning. Instead, we will be petitioning the state government to waive the petitioning portion of ballot access. But we still need your help to get on the ballot this year! How can you help? 1) Sign our virtual petition! While this is not legally binding, the petition will indicate to elected officials and in any potential court case that we would have been able to gather the necessary number of signatures. 2) Sign our petition letting the Governor know that youRead More →