Michelle Louise Bicking for Connecticut 2nd Congressional District

Michelle Louise Bicking is a licensed clinical social worker, Justice of the Peace and aspiring herbalist originally from Brooklyn, New York. She is a first generation Bajan (Barbados)/Vincentian (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines) American that identified as an emerging woman farmer of color.  She believes that farming is a natural extension of her role as a professional caregiver and her 20+ years of direct service experience to social and economically disenfranchised youth and families including in under city and rural communities throughout the Northeast.  Now, as Executive Director/Founder of Hidden Acres Farm, she is looking channel her life-long commitment to service into regional projects they address opioid pandemic, including opening a trauma-informed rural mental health clinic with a focus on forging/ rebuilding connections to name spiritual life as well as to the natural world through farming. In addition to hosting agriculture-oriented seminars targeting folks of color, she is currently working on a series of regenerative agriculture projects across Connecticut.