CLINTON — A massive industrial waste processing plant on Route 145 is moving ahead for approval in the Town of Clinton. Both the scale and the dangerousness of the materials that would be processed should concern every resident of Clinton, Westbrook, Madison, Essex, and surrounding towns. Although this project has been in a quiet phase for the last two years, it is up and moving again! It will be coming up for a public hearing before the Clinton Inland Wetlands Commission in the near future. The date of the public hearing will be on March 6. We are talking about a large and growing dumpRead More →

UPDATE: The Inland Wetland Commission Public Hearing that was scheduled for February 6th, is now scheduled for March 6th at 7 PM at the Clinton Town Hall in the Green Room. This will be a public hearing with questions and answers on this dump proposal project. This handsome and brave little bird is the North American Seaside Sparrow. It is an endangered species. The proposed Route 145 industrial waste treatment plant in Clinton would be in this little bird’s habitat. Of course, it is illegal to build such a facility in the habitat of an endangered species. But in their application for this plant, the developersRead More →