From the Zip06 website, Clinton’s Green Party has announced several candidates poised to seek election in November, including some well-known names. Green Party Co-chairs Eric Bergman and Jim Connolly said in a joint statement: “We wish to thank all the people who responded to our open call for nominees for local offices. We are fielding candidates for the Town Council and all five of the town’s elective boards and commissions. The Green Party of Clinton aims is to provide a forum for fresh ideas and independent-minded people who have been unaffiliated, Republican, and Democratic voters in our town.”Read More →

Next meeting of the Shoreline Green Party will be held on May 19th at 1:00 pm. Instead of meeting at our usual site—Ivoryton Library—we will meet at 34 High Street in Clinton. After the meeting on the front lawn, please enjoy Clinton Neighbor Day. Some of your fellow SLGP members will be performing. If you have a chair, please bring it. Parking is nearby in the Clinton public lot.Read More →

Interesting Letter to the Editor in the New London Day. It was posted by Joshua Kelly on December 17, 2018. Voters for Greens should consider joining Waterford has seen a staggering increase in voter turnout in recent elections, and yet the number of individuals willing to serve parties or to serve as candidates for office has not followed suit. To read the full published letter go to Voters for Greens should consider joiningRead More →