Read More By divesting away from toxic financial institutions, that finance mega-projects that are environmentally destructive, and force their agenda through with loopholes in laws, Government and media, against the will of the people, especially through Indigenous territories and investing into financial institutions that invest in mega-projects that are environmentally sustainable, that follow the laws that Indigenous Peoples have over their Territories as well as having at the heart of their principles a code of human rights conduct. We force the Financial Institutions of the 1% to change because the money they control is our money and really, it’s our money to invest and divestRead More →

Read More Hello r/GreenParty ! I’m in the USA living in Georgia, and I was wondering how to start up a Green Party chapter in my county. I have no idea who to talk to or where to get started, because the Greens are seen as radicals in this area and also seen as not viable. I believe that the future will be able to handle a multiparty system, and the greens should absolutely be a part of that! Any helpful advice or links to the right place would be very much appreciated! submitted by /u/yatogami_noratan [link] [comments]Hello r/GreenParty ! I’m in the USA livingRead More →

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