Clinton Greens Fight Back Against Dump Proposal

UPDATE: The Inland Wetland Commission Public Hearing that was scheduled for February 6th, is now scheduled for March 6th at 7 PM at the Clinton Town Hall in the Green Room. This will be a public hearing with questions and answers on this dump proposal project.

This handsome and brave little bird is the North American Seaside Sparrow. It is an endangered species. The proposed Route 145 industrial waste treatment plant in Clinton would be in this little bird’s habitat. Of course, it is illegal to build such a facility in the habitat of an endangered species. But in their application for this plant, the developers blatantly lied and said there were no endangered or threatened species on the site. It is one of many, many lies on their applications. Stop this Town-killing Mega-dump. It is bad for people, bad for the environment, bad for the economy, bad for the planet.

Follow the Stop Clinton from Becoming Connecticut’s Dumping Ground FaceBook Page to track the progress of the fight to keep this Mega-dump out of Clinton and the Seaside sparrow’s fragile coastal wetlands habitat.

Contact James Connolly at 860-538-1144 for more information on the campaign to resist the proposed Clinton Industrial waste treatment facility.

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