Please VOTE via mail in ballot, or at the May 12th meeting!

My statement is also available with others on the state Green Party website–

I am no spring chicken but represent fresh blood having been a Green for less than two years. In that short time, I have organized with others a thriving (and fun) Shoreline Green chapter, run for office, supported others running for office, and set in motion Green Action at a local level across towns on the Shoreline. I am interested in stepping up my participation slowly & measuredly and therefore ask for your vote to be one of three Connecticut representatives to the GPUS.

If you don’t know me, please get to know me! I enjoy nothing better than talking politics, strategy and action, especially over a beer or coffee. I have been a fixture at SCC meetings, so you can usually find me there, or a GP meeting near you (or reach me at or 203-421-1094). Although I am fairly new to being Green, I have served in elected office before, been a committed activist and volunteer organizer for Occupy, the Bernie movement, veganism, and many other causes. I would like to serve as a Rep to the GPUS to add value at an organizational level and as a dotted line between the State and National levels, reporting back to the State GP and accountable for an efficient flow of information and action between the two. At a time when great possibilities are within our sights, I would like to see an increase in efficiency and effective action at all levels of the Green Party, and a tightening up of our organization to achieve objectives and deal effectively with conflict and dysfunction so they do not continue to be an obstacle to our important shared goals.

Please visit my candidate site (from last election) for more info on me: