Michael Abbondandolo

Green Candidate for Board of Education, Madison CT

Candidate Bio

Michael Abbondandolo is a current senior at Southern Connecticut State University and graduated from Daniel Hand. Growing up Michael attended six out of the seven Madison Public Schools. Michael is committed to fighting for public education by offering a current student’s perspective on the Board of Education.

The Green Party provides a true alternative to the Republicans and Democrats in their grassroots perspective making sure the public is actively involved in important town decisions. An effective Board of Education needs to take into account students, teachers, parents, and community concerns.

Candidate statement

Michael is looking forward to working with the community to make sure everyone’s voices are heard. By investing in public education, we will be providing for future generations ensuring they have the necessary tools to navigate a changing world. Our strong public school system is a source of town pride, many families move to Madison because of the school system. Michael will use his experience as a current student to advocate for educational policy that is inclusive for everyone.

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