A truly important article by Bruce Dixon of the Black Agenda report nails it. We need to build carefully, mentoring new members for gradual building of leadership, reach out in non-traditional ways to potential black, brown, LGBTQ members who have or may be groomed to obtain organizational leadership skills. Not everyone has it, and though everyone is valued, organizational leadership success is dependent on a clear and well run strategy. I am so glad I will be able to see it’s author, Bruce Dixon, a GP leader and managing editor of Black Agenda Report speaking on panels with Glen Ford, Chris Hedges, and others this weekend at Left Forum in NYC. This article, while slightly depressing, gives me renewed hope. And while it highlights what we need to change in leadership and outreach, it also points to some of the things local CT Greens ARE doing right!! (Like not just putting up placeholder candidates, but getting some elected (or working towards getting some elected or appointed), engaging local communities in leadership on issues, engaging other organizations, and local person-to-person outreach.